Research that flows

Market Research is under-exploited, when users can't engage with it.

Stuck in PowerPoint or specialist research tools, Research loses out to fast-access analytics data even when it's of higher quality.

Simplify access to data, and automate time-consuming reporting to make your research flow.

Diverse clients, similar problems

We've been working to solve clients' research effectiveness and communication problems since 2009

All our clients need to distribute customer data effectively to internal teams and clients.

The solutions we deliver include Portals to bring together multiple data sources; Apps to bring data to life interactively, and Automation of time-consuming tasks with code.

Lean-Forward Engagement

Re-imagine your data presentation as interactive and let users explore their own way through the story.

Try it yourself! Explore this global data from Gapminder

Source: Gapminder

Dig into archived data

Open up your archive of presentations and other documents to be searchable, and analysable. Use this example to search for words appearing in the Harry Potter books.

Grab a take-away

Browse your data, select your charts and download them to PowerPoint

Download PPT

Your One-Stop Research Hub

All of the examples on the right are research portals, giving companies complete access to the research data and insights they need without having to request them.

This frees up Research & Insight teams to focus on answering the difficult questions.

Secure but Simple Authentication

Your data needs to be secure, but easy for the right people to access.

Try either the username Culture or the username Research , with the password Insight

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Culture of Insight

Contact James Smythe on 07717 605116 or by email

Set up in 2009 by media industry veteran James Smythe, Culture of Insight is about making researchers' lives easier, and their work even more impactful.

In that time we've helped dozens of clients from Formula 1 to the Royal Shakespeare Company to manage, communicate and integrate their research more effectively.

Our work has evolved with technology, from delivering innovative dashboards at the start of the big data era, to transforming the time spent on data prep with the latest programming language advances.

“Culture of Insight make my life infinitely easier! The portal has been an invaluable resource, our Senior Management Team love using it and our small research team is no longer bombarded with requests for the same information repeatedly.” - Becky Loftus, Royal Shakespeare Company

Guide to Project Types and Pricing

Please contact James on 07717 605116 or by email for a chat about your potential needs

* Where data require programmatic transformation from their original format to be suitable for visualisation, followed by checking and uploading to the application.
** Market research datasets vary considerably in size and complexity. A single dataset may be anything from a large table to a set of crosstabs.